Photo by Bobby Theberge

Photo by Bobby Theberge

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Jessie Giles was born in the suburbs of Atlanta, when the suburbs were still quite rural.  She grew up in a neighborhood bordered by stables, pastures, and a cemetery. Nearby, Horse Town featured giant sculptural horses affixed to the roof like year-round reindeer. She moved to Cabbagetown fourteen years ago, when the rent was still cheap, people held concerts on the roofs of their houses, and decorated their gardens with mannequin limbs. Jessie has since moved sixteen (going on seventeen) times. This includes a brief stint in Savannah, Georgia and a briefer stint farming in a queer intentional community in rural Tennessee. She was first acquainted with art in high school, as the art room served as a school-sanctioned safe-haven for her frequent panic attacks. At fifteen, her mother taught her to alter thrift store clothes and gifted Jessie her first sewing machine. That same year, her best friend taught her a skill that would become her first conscious form of self-care: crochet. Seventeen years later, Jessie Giles is a fiber artist and designer. She studies Textiles at Georgia State University, and will be graduating in Spring 2018.  
Jessie has worked as an assistant to several local Textile artists and studios. She has also worked as a professional bookbinder. Her designs have sold internationally and have been featured in online blogs such as Goop, the contentious lifestyle brand of Gwyneth Paltrow.  
Jessie was selected as one of ten artists featured in the 2016 article titled “Ten Southern Alt Artists to Look Out For in 2016” by Sunni Johnson for Wussy Mag, a queer online publication. Her work has shown in several local exhibitions. Additionally, her works have shown in Murray, Kentucky, Nashville, Tennessee, and Pasadena, California.  
Jessie currently lives at Crack in the Sidewalk Farmlet, an urban farm in Historic South Atlanta.

C  V  :


Bookbinding, Kudzu harvesting and weaving, dyes for natural and synthetic fibers, basket weaving, crochet, netting, knitting, braiding, embroidery, hand and machine sewing, tapestry weaving, felting. 

Project design, planning, coordination, and implementation. Time and cost calculation using Microsoft Excel. Creative problem solving. Interpersonal communication and leadership.                                         


 2016 - 2017   Studio Assistant to Sonya Yong James

- Assist in assembly of large textile sculptural installation for the US Embassy in Mauritania through the Art in Embassies program.

- Lead assistant in development and production of braided room dividers for Bacchanalia.

- Assist in research and development for incoming commissions.

- Assist in production and assembly of the artist's work.

- Assist in intern recruitment, wrangling, and scheduling. 

2012 – 2016    Production Manager, Bookbinder and Product Designer

Blue Sky Papers / Claire Magnolia

- Training and overseeing book binding team.

- Keeping organizational structures current and efficient.

- Managing process improvement.

- Designing new products.

- Designing menu books for local restaurants.

- Binding guest books and photo albums

-Materials used: Bookcloth, leather, silk, wood, velvet.


2014 – 2016      University Assistant – Textiles Department

Georgia State University

- Cleaning and organizing Textiles Studio.

- Maintaining MSDS records.

- Monitoring safe practices of students.

- Mixing MX, Prosperse, and Transperse dyes.

- Maintaining appropriate levels of chemicals.

- Designing posters for department events using Photoshop.

- Assisting instructors on special projects, such as helping warp the looms.


2013                   Studio Assistant to Junco Sato Pollack

Penland School of Crafts- Kudzu Weaving Workshop

- Learn and re-create Karen warping techniques for use on back strap loom.

- Assist in teaching to harvest, cook, process, and weave with Kudzu fibers.



2012 - 201                      Georgia State University

Bachelor of Fine Arts, Textiles

Institutional GPA: 4.18

2011                            Savannah College of Art and Design

Institutional GPA: 4.3



2011                            Savannah College of Art and Design

- Artistic Honors Scholarship



2017   Pasadena, CA  4th Annual Level Ground Film + Art Festival Pasadena

"59" Live Art Soiree

Curated by:

- Leslie Foster, experimental filmmaker


2016    Nashville, TN   2nd Annual Level Ground Film + Art Festival Nashville

Exploring Ritual Art Gallery

Curated by:

- Leslie Foster, experimental filmmaker


2016     Murray, KY      Spotlight on Student Fiber Trends 2016

Clara M. Eagle Gallery- Murray State University

Juried by:

- Arturo Alonzo Sandoval


2016     Atlanta, GA     New Kids on the Block – A Student Art Exhibition

Eyedrum Gallery

Juried by:

- Pastiche Lumumba, Director of The Low Museum

- Maxwell Sebastian, visual artist

- Mora Beauchamp-Byrd, Curator and Visiting Assistant Professor of Curatorial Studies at Spelman College


2016     Atlanta, GA      GSU Thread Count

Mammal Gallery

Juried by:

- Mary Quinn Templeton - Design Consultant: MQPM

- Sonya Yong James - Owner: Modern Fiber Lab

- Brian Egan - Owner: Mammal Gallery


2014     Atlanta, GA     New Kids on the Block – A Student Art Exhibition

Mint Gallery

Juried by:

- Michael White, Director of the Ernest G. Welch School of Art and Design at GSU

- Dr. Arturo Lindsay, the Chair at Spelman College Department of Art and Art History


2016               Eternal Rhythms, Parts 1 and 2, Chanel Kim, Jessie Giles, and Masha Kouznetsova for Floromancy.

2016                Ten Southern Alt Artists to Look Out for in 2016,  Sunni Johnson for Wussy Mag. 


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